Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Food and Fitness Journal: October 1, 2013

Well today is the official beginning of October! If you could see me right now I am doing a little happy dance. October/ November are probably my favorite months out of the entire year! There is just something about fall that makes me fall in love with Upstate New York all over again. I love the scenery, fresh apples, and the local cider mill that's only miles from my house. I also am a big lover of Halloween. Now I know I will not make it into any itty bitty Halloween costumes this year but I hope to definetley see some changes by the time I do go shopping for a costume.

Since today is officially the beginning of October that means that all three of my fitness challenges that I talked about here have started! I bought a big desk calendar from Target to help me keep on track with my workouts each week. It seemed like a lot to do 3 challenges at once but they fit together rather nicely. The Frisky Fall challenge has a set cardio/strength training each day but the Rocktober challenge only has one workout 3 times a week so it isn't overly tasking. The Dietbet doesn't have any set workouts you just need to lose 4% body weight in a month so the other 2 challenges will lend a HUGE helping hand as far as that goes.

Highlights of the day:

  • I did not feel sore this morning as I thought I would. I think the hot bath before bed played a huge helping hand in that. I also ate within the first hour of being awake. Though I have read a zillion studies on how to eat a good breakfast and how important it is, I never do it! Until recently that is. I am getting more and more used to it. Breakfast consisted of a DELICIOUS Thomas Pumpkin Spice English Muffin. I know these are not organic and are probably processed out the wassoo but they are just too darn delicious. Plus the calorie count/sugar isn't bad in comparison to a lot of the pumpkin breads, muffins, and bagels I have been seeing around. 
  • I completed 30 minutes of cardio at the gym which was on my schedule for the Frisky Fall challenge! I used the stair stepper/elliptical type contraption at Planet Fitness and really put my all into it today! I upped the level by 2 and was a sweaty mess by the end. I can thank Ke$ha radio for that ha! I always pace myself with the music so I try to find a IHeartRadio channel that is fast paced. 

  • When I came home I did some prepping for dinner. I made a yummy cucumber salad since I had some cucumbers to use up before they go bad. I used this recipe right here but made some substitutions. Instead of sugar I used Stevia and added some diced tomatoes! I also whipped up some Guacamole for snacking since I also had an avocado that was on it's last leg. My recipe is fairly simple 1 or 2 avocados depending on the size, 2 cloves of garlic finely minced, lime juice (I just kind of squeeze it in there so I don't know how much), 1/2 tomato diced, fresh chopped cilantro, diced jalapeno (if you don't like it spicy you can omit this but I like it caliente), pepper, a pinch of salt, and a dollop of greek yogurt!! Came out UHHHMAZING but I only had a spoonful. 

  • After getting a few kitchen things done I then completed my first workout for the Rocktober challenge. It was a tough one that is for sure and I was sweating when I was finished. Betty (founder of The Betty Rocker and couch of the challenge) posted a workout today that we must do three times in the first week. It is a circuit style workout where you do 7 exercises for one minute a piece. When you are done all 7 exercises you repeat the whole circuit 2 more times. So you do 3 rounds of 7 exercises total. Since I used an interval timer I put 10 second rests in between each exercise but it was still tough. You can check out the challenge or sign up here ! I won't post the whole workout because I am sure that that is not allowed but it was a good mix. A couple squat variations, some tricep exercises, and core work! 
  • For dinner we had the Cucumber Salad that I made earlier and Lemon Pepper Seasoned Chicken Breast Cutlets. Zach had some rice but I opted out of that. 

Overall I think this was a pretty successful day and I can't wait to see how tomorrow goes. I am feeling better and stronger already!! 

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