Monday, September 30, 2013

Food and Fitness Journal: Sept.30, 2013

I am going to make my best attempt to blog daily about my workouts and diet! It is easier than writing it all down in a notebook! Let's see the highlights from today!

  • I started the day with a healthy breakfast! Special K Fiber Plus Caramel Pecan Crunch Cereal with Vanilla Almond Milk. I also had a kiwi! So today was my first experience eating a Kiwi that wasn't already cut up and prepared for me. I had no idea how to peel or eat it! I literally had to YouTube the best way to peel and slice one! Man am I glad I did though because it was DELICIOUS!!
  • I managed to drink all of my daily amount of water. For me that is a motha chuggin miracle because I never drink anything. No joke when I say I can literally go all day without drinking a single thing. I don't ever feel thirsty. I am some kind of weirdo when it comes to that. My coworkers at my old job used to give me a hard time about my lack of hydration all the time. 
  • I went for a wonderful run/hike with my boyfriend today. The fall foliage is beautiful and we have so many gorgeous trails behind our home to take advantage of. The first part of the run was wonderful. Great views, clear trails, and rolling hills. The last part was a beast. Rough trails that hadn't been used in a while, a lot of shade, and then a continuous uphill for about the last mile! It wasn't pleasant but we definetly sweat and felt the burn. We also through in some of our own obstacles along the way. We did 10 jumps back and forth over every log and squat jumps when we passed water. We ended up going 6 km and I burnt 440 calories according to my Crane watch.
  • We also found a pear tree and an apple tree on our walk. I almost tripped on a pear and then looked up and discovered it. We stopped and ate one real quick and grabbed a bunch to take home. Thank goodness we both love pears because we had already picked up a half dozen of them from the produce stand earlier in the day.
  • When we got home I taught Zach how to open/eat a pomegranate. He loved taking out the little pods and wouldn't let me touch it. He also loved eating them as well and said it may be his new favorite fruit. YAY! I love when I get him to try new things. I love it even more when he likes what I make him try.

  • Finished out a wonderful night with a yummy dinner. I had shrimp skewers and one steak one. I also had mashed turnips and pasta with light butter sauce and herbs! I did a few things to make dinner healthier than I would have 3 months ago. Instead of eating a whole steak to myself I put a couple pieces on a stick so I wouldn't be tempted to eat a whole one yet I wouldn't be craving it. I also seasoned the turnips with butter flakes instead of actual butter. For the noodles I used light butter and herbs instead of a creamy sauce and cheese. It was all delicious and great after a tough workout.

    Overall I would say it was a great day! 

Monthly Challenges!!

So this month I ran across some fitness challenges that I thought we be a lot of fun. Not only that but I think they will help keep me on track also!! I have a very competitive spirit and when I read Challenge I immediately want to take part. Most of my Challenges in life were not of the fitness sort but better late than never. So in order to help me keep chugging along on losing this chub I signed myself up for a couple friendly competitions!

Challenge #1:
This caught my eye via YouTube. I am a huge YouTube junky and have a bunch of workout playlists and stuff on there. One YouTube channel that I follow is that of Sarah Dussault. She is a spunky, energetic, and incredibly uplifting fitness Guru! If you haven't checked her out yet I highly recommend you do. Anyway, she is hosting a challenge through !

Not sure what Dietbet is? It is a website where you can earn money for staying motivated. For her particular challenge everyone put $25 in the pot! The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in one month. Those that succeed at doing that split the pot!! Want more information? Check out her video about it below...It swayed me!
So that is challenge number 1 for me!!

Challenge #2:
I also signed up for the #Friskyfall Challenge through ! This challenge is a basic fitness challenge where in you are just trying to get in better shape, hold yourself accountable, and eat better. There is no prize per say, the prize is you meeting a goal and feeling good about it. However, you can be eligible to win various little prizes throughout the challenge for checking in!

The girls upload a new workout calendar every week which gives you a basic layout of what you should be doing! You should try and do the calendar exactly as it is!

I am pretty excited about this because it goes hand in hand with the other. It gives me a way to reach my goals by providing me with healthy recipes and new workouts. I also love those girls. They are so spunky and fun!! Not to mention they are in incredible shape which really makes me want to dig deep!

You guys should check out the challenges and join up if you need a little extra push this month! Let me know if you do! Also if any of you have Myfitnesspal or instagram feel free to add me. My instagram name is Anastaciamoshermua and my myfitnesspal name is mushynanners620

Hello World!!

So where to begin with this post? Well I guess I will start with a little bit about myself. I am a makeup artist with an intense love for makeup and beauty. I actually have another blog which you can view here! It is a beauty blog with a bunch of reviews and things like that. I am starting this blog as a way to track a huge journey I am beginning in my life! For most of my entire life I have been overweight. I have fluctuated between "cute and chubby," and "omg I can't even walk up stairs." Over the course of my teenage years and early adulthood I have tried my fair share of diets, gimmicks, and exercise plans only to give up after a couple months and go back to my chocolate and ice cream addiction. The closest I have to come to actually seeing progress was last year around this time. I dove head first into a great fitness routine and did a great job of changing my eating habits. For once I actually started to see changes both in my body and in my attitude. I felt great!! I had more energy and actually wanted to workout. However, I lost my job in February and all my drive got deflated. I went back to my unhealthy lifestyle and gained everything back and then some.

For months this went on but at the beginning of this month I said enough is enough. I started working my way back to a healthier me!! I love writing and journaling and sharing my successes and set back so I thought I would make a blog. A blog for others to join me on this journey but also a place for me to document my progress!

So let's talk about goals...Mine are as follows:
1)Cut out more processed foods from my diet
2)To do a hundred miles by Halloween (either by running, walking, biking, or on the elliptical)
3)Drop ten more pounds

I figure setting small goals for myself is a great way to start!! My starting weight was 214 GASP!!! My current weight is 208.8 and my goal weight by the end of October is 198!

I know this post was not the most exciting to read but I hope it helped you get to know me!!