Monday, October 21, 2013

Talking To Myself and Avoiding Temptations...Love With Food Box Review Cont'd...

Hey hey there everyone! It is another beautiful fall day in upstate NY and I am feeling energized. It is finally getting cold up here so that part I do not love. We got blessed with  a couple extra weeks of strangely warm weather…for NY anyway! However, now I think that it is officially starting to head towards winter. Womp womp!!!

I had to do some serious refocusing this morning because my diet and exercise regimen went off the tracks this weekend. Seriously, it derailed in a river and sank!  I am still trying to get a hold on how to be social without ruining my willpower. I went out with some friends on Friday night to watch another friends show. He plays guitar and is awesome. I did really well with avoiding food temptations but I couldn’t say no to a couple a couple beers. I didn’t drink in excess or anything but I should have said no and didn’t. Saturday I did pretty well but yesterday was HORRIBLE. I was like a junk food Pac-man. I couldn’t stop! Half the problem was that I was at my mother’s which tends to make any diet go downhill but I could have made healthier choices everywhere! I ate donuts from the cider mill-FAIL, Wendy’s for lunch-FAIL (granted I didn’t get my usual frosty and pile of nuggets. I went with the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and a side salad but it still isn’t good), dinner was spaghetti at my mom’s (we ate early and were doing a bunch of work so by the time we got home Zach and I were starving), dinner #2 Pizza Hut Thin N’Crispy Pepperoni Pizza with breadsticks-FAIL, and lastly dessert was this Hershey’s Cream Pie-FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL…. Yesterday just makes me hang my head in shame.

So this morning I woke up and said “Listen Staci, you are better than this. You want this and you will do better. Learn to say no and make these next two weeks amazing.” With my challenges coming to an end in the next 2 weeks I really can’t lose my focus. I not only want to be healthier and see my change but I want to win haha! It is time to put my Avoiding Temptation pants on and really get serious about this. I know it is going to be a tough one since Halloween is coming up and it is one of my favorite holiday’s but I am going to have to suck it up and do it. No turning back now!!!

Goals This Week:
·        Do not give in to temptations! Yes those pumpkin rolls and pastas look and smell delicious but they are what got you here in the first place.
·        Make time to workout and stick to my Challenge schedules.
·        Drink more water! This is always a goal because I am terrible at it.
·        Wake up and refocus on what you need to do. Do a little yoga and stretch and put your mind in the right place

I really need to make sure I read those goals every day! I also want to make a dream board! I have all the stuff to do it. I just need to find the time to sit down and make it happen!

Love With Food Review Con’t:
Did you guys check out my love with food box review? If you didn’t (click here) to check it out. It is a pretty awesome little box that I already realllly like. There were a bunch of things in the box that I had not tried yet when I wrote the post and I have now had a change to try more of the products with the exception of the apple vinegar pearls. Here are my thoughts on the rest of the things I got:
11)      Kind Fruit and Nut Mini Bar- Delicious!! I loved it just as much as all the others I tried. It was crunchy, chewy, sweet, and so delicious. I loved the big chunks of real fruit and whole nuts. You can just see how good it will be for you. I originally thought the size was small but it was actually perfect. I think these will be great for right before a workout or a little snack to tide you over till lunch in the morning.
22)      Pizzelle Crisps- I did not love these AT ALL! From previous run ins with similar products I knew that these would probably not be my favorite. I love pizzelles when they are homemade or the plain ones but I have yet to find a chocolate one that I like. These had the same problem as the Nature Box ones did for me and that is that they taste burnt. It is like eating burnt cardboard and I ate about 3 before tossing the bag right in the garbage.
33)      Happy Squeeze Apple, Blueberry, and Purple Carrot Pounch- LOVED!! Both my boyfriend and I really liked this product. We are already trying to figure out where we can buy more of them. We ate it on the way to run some errands Friday morning as a little snack until it was lunchtime. It was so good! The texture is like applesauce but a little more liquid like. The flavor was also great with hints of apples and blueberry but with a bit of a tart after taste which we liked. It wasn’t overly sweet!
44)      Glee Gum- Was also really good. I gave it to Zach since he is a candy monster. I did try one piece though and it was good. Fruity and sweet but the flavor didn’t last very long.

I will eventually try the apple cider pearls but I want to figure out a good recipe to put them in!! If you want to check out Love With Food or sign up for a subscription click here

Well here is to a wonderful week full of progress! 

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