Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sometimes You Have To Cheat...Max's American Grill...Food and No Fitness Journal October 14, 2013

Hey hey there!! I know it has been a couple days since I wrote a post but weekends are hectic right now. I probably won't do weekend posts and might just do weekend wrap ups of some sort. This weekend was nothing exciting, just a bunch of work. I'm talking back to back 12+ hour shifts so it was nothing exciting. I didn't get much exercise in but did a yoga circuit and some stretching. No hard core workouts but after being on my feet and constantly on the go for days I figured that was enough and my body needed decent sleep. I stuck to my eating routine all weekend though so I think it balanced itself out.

My boyfriend Zach and I rarely get nights off together since both our work schedules are completely opposite so on the rare chance we have the same night off, we get very excited. We realized that we would both have Columbus Day night off a week or more a go so we made plans to go to dinner and the movies. I designated this night as my cheat night so I made sure to eat really well and get all my workouts in leading up to this. We chose to go to a place called Max's American Grill and Sports Bar. We had looked up the menu online and it seemed like a place we would really like. We love sports bars and hole in the wall restaurants and we had never even seen this place so that was our choice.

It was a nice atmosphere and a 50's style theme. Everything on the menu sounded delicious. We decided to get Wet Shoes for an appetizer which was french fries covered in chili, cheese, sour cream, and scallions. It was DELICIOUS. I liked that they used real chili with chunks of tomato and beans. We gobbled them up.
Next came the soup. I ordered Baked Potato Soup and Zach got the Chicken Noodle. This is where it starts to go downhill. The presentation was wonderful. Both of our cups looked delicious. Mine was topped with cheese, bacon, and scallions. However, when we tasted them they seemed really bland and watered down. I had to add a bunch of salt and pepper otherwise it tasted like a bunch of vegetables in water.  
Looks delicious right?

I ordered the Sicilian Shrimp and Scallops for my entree. I tried to order something that wasn't overly unhealthy and with the noodles being in an olive oil and garlic sauce I figured that would be a bit better than going with the alfredo sauce or a big cheeseburger. Yet again I ran into the same issue I had with the soup. It looked delicious but tasted really bland. The scallops were good but the shrimp was kind of chewy. I ate a couple bites and took the rest home. I figured I could doctor it up with a little more seasoning or something. 

I think if we were going to have some drinks and appetizers this would be a good spot but I don't think we will be going there for dinner again anytime soon. 

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