Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend and Confessions! Learning To Not Beat Myself Up When I Cheat On My Diet!

This weekend was full of wonderful moments but also some bad ones. I attended the wedding of a dear friend of mine and it was lovely. She looked absolutely beautiful and the day was exceptional. With the exception of my diet. I tried to be so good most of the day but I caved when it came to the sweets. I made sure at dinner to have a little bit of all the protein and some vegetables and even chose wisely when it was cocktail hour but I could not say no to the cupcakes for the life of me! At the time my thought was "one cupcake won't kill me," but by the time I got home I felt so guilty it made me sick.

I have read plenty of materials on cheat meals and all that but I just can't stop beating myself up about it. All day today I thought about how I ate that stupid cupcake. I have a million goals right now but I need to try and not beat myself up so much when it comes to eating. In a way this keeps me accountable but it also takes a toll on my mind. I started today over and stuck to my diet today but in the future I really need to let cheat meals be cheat meals and be done with them.

This weekend was also a weekend full of yummy discoveries. Since I am fairly new to this whole "healthy and kind of clean," eating thing I am finding myself discovering more and more yummy/good for you foods. This weekends discoveries were:

1) KIND Bars....omgoodness...literally sooo good. I have heard about these things everywhere lately. On blogs that I read and in magazines but I have yet to actually try one. Well today I was in a time crunch and didn't eat a good breakfast. I was on my way to meet a client and my stomach was going bonkers so I stopped into CVS to get a snack of some sort and some water. I figured I would check out the "weightloss" aisle for a snack bar like a LARA Bar or something. Instead my eyes were immediately drawn to the KIND Bars. They were just yelling out at my through their clear little packages. I could just see all the freshness in there. What really drew me in on these were the big chunks of fruit and the whole nuts! They just looked fresh and filling. They had a couple different kinds(ha) but I opted for the Almond and Coconut bar since those are two of my favorite things married together. It was nothing short of heaven and it really did keep me full for a good amount of time. Now these are a bit high in calories (190) and sugar (12g) but the ingredient list can't be beat. It is short and sweet and not full of artificial crap. Almond & Coconut
If you see this flavor I seriously suggest you try it and I will be on a mission to try all the others.

2) Skinny Selections Chicken Sausage
I have recently developed a love for chicken sausage. During the end of the summer I was looking for something to grill that was a little less fattening and a better option than the regular sausage or hamburger. I first started eating the Al Fresco brand of chicken sausage and they are delicious but while at the grocery store yesterday I saw a new item that I had never seen before. They are called Skinny Selections Chicken Sausage and there are a million reasons why these are now my new favorite

  • They are only 70 calories as opposed to 170-190 like the others I was eating. 
  • There are a bunch of ridiculously good flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Garlic, and Chicken Kielbasi.
  • THE INGREDIENT LIST IS AMAZING! They are all natural so the ingredients are simple and clean. You are not getting a bunch of unneeded crap.  Check it out here
  • Hot Italian
3)Cascadian Farms Chocolate O's

Yummy chocolate flavor without being overly sugary. Organic ingredients and filling. Love these!!

That is about the wrap up of important things in my life this weekend. I hope everyone is sticking to whatever their fitness goals may be.

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