Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love With Food Box October 2013 Pictures And Review!

I finally got my first Love With Food (LWF) box yesterday and I am so excited. I came across this company about a month ago and I was really excited to give it a try. It is a monthly subscription service just like NatureBox which I talked about in this post. Each month you receive a box with different product samples in it. Unlike NatureBox these are samples of products and not full size though some of the things I got this month were full size. It is $10 a month to subscribe but they do offer other payment packages that will save you a little bit of money. They also have a couple different boxes. Depending on which box you chose will determine how much it will be each month. Mine is the basic one which was the cheapest and I pay $10. click here to check out Love With Food. 
I was originally drawn to this box based on the type of products they send you. All the products are all natural and organic. You won't be receiving products packed with chemicals and over processed. I also liked that for each box you order the company donates one meal to a hungry child. After watching a documentary called A Place at the Table this was great news to me. If you have never seen that documentary click here to check out what it's all about. It is great and really brings the light to your eyes about the ever growing problem with poverty and hunger in this country. 

I loved that when I went to the website there was an interactive map that told you where meals were donated. One of the food banks was right in my back yard and that made me feel awesome. 

I was super pumped when my box came in the mail yesterday. I loved the cute little red box and I also liked that it was shrink wrapped so I knew nothing was able to get in it. 
The box was Halloween themed so I got this cute little card which I thought was a nice touch. On the back of the card was a list of products that were in the box and where you could purchase them. 

This was how my box looked when I opened it up. As you can see it was packed full of little goodies. 

I was really excited about the product on the top of the box. I am a joke. I love coconut anything. Cookies, water, milk, granola...if it is flavored like coconut I need to have it. I have seen coconut chips at TJ Maxx a couple times and for some reason just never bought them. I think I wasn't sure what they actually were but now that I know I am definitely going to have to pick some up when I see them again. This package was a full size package so I liked that. I also liked that there were only 115 calories per serving but this bag has 2 servings so I couldn't eat the whole thing in one sitting...DARN!! They have a very short ingredient list also including just Coconut, Cane Sugar, and Salt. These were delicious. Crunchy, buttery, and had a nice natural coconut flavor. I would say however that I don't like that there is added sugar and salt in these. I am wondering what coconut chips would taste like without that. It still isn't the worst snack in the world for you. I would love to try some of these on my oatmeal or on frozen yogurt. You can check out their other flavors by clicking here
I talked about my recent Kind bar discovery last week in this post! I was happy to see that they included one in this box because as of now I have only tried the one flavor which was Almond and Coconut (shocking!!) so I wanted to try more flavors. This one is Fruit & Nut Delight and was a mini size. I have been looking in to ordering more some kind bars online and saw that they has some assortments of mini Kind bars so I was happy to see just how mini they were. They are not very big so I would see these as being good for children. I haven't eaten it yet but when I do I will let you know what I think. I do like that it is all natural and non GMO, low glycemic, and has 2g of fiber in just this little guy. 
My next product was a fruit/veggie pouch by Happy Squeeze in Blueberry, Apple, and Purple Carrot. I am really excited to try this and so is Zach. He wanted to bust it open last night but I didn't want to waste it. I really like pouches like these and pick them up from time to time. They are easy to pack with you when you are on the go and are a convenient way to meet your daily fruit and vegetable needs in a more delicious way. This pouch in particular has a full 1/2 cup of fruit in it. It is organic and in a BPA free pouch which is always an added plus. 

The next product I got were Pizzelle Crisps in Chocolate. I am interested to see what these taste like. I got a similar product in my Naturebox and didn't like them at all. They were tasteless and I felt like I was chewing cardboard. These are organic as well and are only 100 calories per pouch.
I then got 2 of these Caveman Cookies which are a paleo diet based cookie. I tried one last night and it was delicious. It was chewy and moist with an almost sticky type consistency. It is not the fluffy dough like cookie that you are probably thinking of. It is more of a ground up granola bar. It had a nice sweet flavor that reminded me of molasses but with a hint of cranberry. I am sure I will end up ordering some of these. The ingredient list is wonderful and at 70 calories per cookie it makes more a nice little treat after dinner. You can check them out or order them here! I think I am going to look up some recipes too and see if it would be cheaper to whip some up on my own. 
This was the most perplexing product in the box. It is Gingras Pixo Pearls Apple Cider Vinegar Pearls. They come in this little pouch but unless you look really well at the package you can't even tell there is little clear pearls in there. You can read more about them here! There are many health benefits linked to apple cider vinegar. I try to use it in cooking and things every now and again. It suggests on the website that you add them to salads or canapes but I am not quite sure about them yet. 
The box also had candy in it. I am guessing it was due to Halloween!! I love me some candy so Trick-or-Treat Love With Food. I got a couple pieces of organic hard candy from Torie and Howard. I tried the pear and cinnamon one and it was amazing. I also got Triple Berry Glee Gum but I have them to Zach since I am not much of a gum chewer. 
Lastly in the box I got a couple coupons which are pretty spectacular as well. I got a coupon to enjoy a free Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Entree. I have been looking at these in the grocery store so I am glad I can try one for free. I also had a coupon for Glee Gum and Happy Squeeze! 

I love this box and am already excited for next month. It is like receiving a Christmas present once a month. 

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