Thursday, October 3, 2013

Food and Fitness Journal: October 2, 1013

Hey hey there fitfam! Well today was another great day in the books for the most part. I had a crazy bout of insomnia last night and couldn't fall asleep until almost 3am so I slept a little longer than I would have liked. I wanted to get up early and go for a hike with Zach but that didn't happen. My goals for the challenges that I was supposed to meet today were: 3 miles towards the #100byhalloween and the sunkissed abs workout by Tone It Up. I did not do one of those things ha! Oops...Let me explain why...

Highlights For Today:

  • My workout! Now I did not do the 3 miles that I was supposed to and now that I think about it I am kind of bummed but here is why. I live in the middle of nowhere...literally, you can ask my friends! There are plenty of trails all over by our house since there is a lot of state land and various other nature trails but I am a scardy cat. I am afraid to go out on them by myself because god forbid anything ever happens. Say I trip and break a leg or get eaten by a coyote. I know these things seem silly but they are literally what I think about! Like I already said I am a wuss! So I opted to do an in home workout today which literally kicked my butt!
  •  oh look its me!!!
  • So I did an in home workout! I did a warm up, total body strength training and cardio workout, and then the Tone It Up Sunkissed Abs Workout that was on my calendar for the challenge today! 

Above is my warm up routine for today! It was a nice little jump start and got my muscles moving and heart rate up. 

This was my main workout! I thought this was so much fun. I like that it was different than the normal routine where you do a bunch of exercises one time and then repeat the whole set. This workout had you do an exercise, then a cardio burst, then the same exercise one more time. I hope that makes sense. If not watch the video and you will see what I mean. Overall though I loved it. I sweat up a storm and could really feel the burn. Especially after yesterdays Rocktober circuits. 
I then finished with the sun kissed abs routine. It was also a challenge especially for me because I have little core strength. Something I def hope to improve upon. My one gripe with this video is that they don't give you a whole lot of time in between exercises. They just flow from one in to another so you don't have anytime to set up the next move. I had to watch it all the way through and write the exercises down. Either that or I would have had to keep pausing the video. However, the moves are great ones. 
  • I then ate my lunch which was a meal by Smart Ones. I know what some people will say (look at the ingredients,sodium, etc etc.) Yes I know there are better options but time was limited and left overs didn't happen last night so I needed something quick. 
  • I did really good on my water intake today! Met the required 8 glasses plus about 3 more. 
  • Dinner was quick and easy since I was at work! -Ham sandwich on Pepperidge Farms 15 Grain Bread (my favorite right now), cucumber, lettuce, tomato, Fit and Active Mayo, and pepper. It was yummy. :)
  • My healthy snack of the day was the Salsa Spiced Nut Mix from Nature Box! Don't know what Nature Box is? Well you should because it is AWESOME! Nature box is a healthy subscription service that send you packaged all natural and dietitian approved snacks every month. I chose the Nature Box Deluxe Package so I get 5 full size bags of snacks every month and they are always delicious. If you would like to check it out further click here!! 

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