Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scale Obsession, Arctic Zero Review, and Other Thoughts!

Hey hey there everyone. I hope everyone is doing well! It is a chilly day here in upstate NY. The temperature is finally reflecting fall like weather and we even got some of the dreaded S word yesterday....snow! It was brief but just seeing it made my heart sink a little. Just when I was beginning to love working out outside the cold begins to move in.

The last couple days have been kind of hectic and busy but they have been so much fun. Halloween is just around the corner and for my family it is a big deal. Saturday night we have a huge Halloween party to go to and have been slaving away making out costumes. I cannot tell you what they are yet but I will post pictures after the party is over.

Also one of my great friends is in town from Georgia so we had a get together at our house for him yesterday. Now while I didn't do horribly on my diet I didn't do the best either. I whipped up some chili yesterday morning for the crock pot! I made it based on the Cooking Light recipe for All American Chili and it came out amazing. To check out that recipe click here! The only changes I made were that I used the Jenny O Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey as my meat and I also added a can of chili beans in chili sauce. It came out amazing and got rave reviews. There wasn't a spoonful left by the end of the night. I should have taken more pictures of my spread. It was a nice mix of healthy snacks. I put out the Nature Box Teriyaki Twists and Caramel Pretzel Pops which everyone loved. I am also set out Dilly Beans and Salsa that my friend and I canned from scratch this year. We had a bonfire and a few drinks. It was a great time.
Unfortunatley my Dietbet is now in it's last week and I am still 2 pounds away from being in the winning so I really need to crack down on my diet and exercise this week. I am going to try and do no carb/low carb this week with a lot of water and focus mostly on cardio. I have talked before about why I do not think I will do a Dietbet again for a while and this morning solidified that decision. I feel like the Dietbet challenge has made me a bit too obsessed with scale. Since the challenge is based only on weight loss and no other gains I feel like I am constantly checking/panicking about the number on the scale. I think after this is over I will put the scale up for a bit and let the measurements tell me how I am doing.

Yum Or Not? Arctic Zero Ice Cream Review

If there is one thing that has been really hard to cut out of my diet it is ice cream. I am an ice cream hound! Before I started eating healthier it would not be uncommon for Zach and I to go through a half gallon of ice cream in a matter of days. Though I am craving sweets less and less as the days go by I still cannot stop thinking about ice cream late at night. Once 11pm hits I just want to be mowing down Ben N Jerrys but alas my butt, thighs, and stomach do not like that very much. Over the last couple months I have been seeing this brand of ice cream all over Instagram. With only 150 calories per pint and flavors like Vanilla Maple, I knew I had to find it. Tonight I finally did at Walmart. There are 7 flavors in the line but my Walmart only carried Vanilla Maple, Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I need to get my hands on the Coffee Flavor asap! 

I went with the Vanilla Maple flavor since that was the one that originally caught my eye when I found the brand. As you can see clearly it is 150 calories per pint or 35 calories per serving which is quite awesome. 
As you can see the nutritional information is not bad at all. 5g of sugar per serving for ice cream is exceptional and I like that you get some fiber in this as well which a lot of ice creams don't have. This will not be a good source of calcium but that is alright with me. 


Those are the ingredients which are not bad at all either. From looking at just the nutritional values and the ingredient list I was already a fan. Let's explore the rest of this....

Price: At $5 I will say that the price is a bit steep. Most ice creams are not even $5 for a whole half gallon so paying $5 for a pint made me cringe a bit. However, I would rather pay a bit more and save myself a lot of unnecessary calories! I do think that at the price this will be more of an indulgence item and not a staple in my freezer. 

Flavor/Texture: Since the main ingredient is water this frozen treat does have a bit of an icy texture. It is along the lines of a sorbet. It does not have a creamy texture that you are used to. It is not as icy as shaved ice or a slurpee. If you have eaten sorbet or one of those F'real shakes, that is what the texture most similarly resembles to me. Flavor wise it was not all that bad. Now it in no way compares to eating an actual bowl of Maple Nut ice cream but it could suffice as a substitute in times of sweet tooth need. It had a nice mapley flavor and was perfectly sweet. I will say however, that it had a similar after taste to sugar free ice cream. Since I am used to using stevia and other artificial sweeteners this didn't both me so much but it could bother others. I think this flavor would be awesome with apple pie!!

Overall, it was good but I wasn't overly wowed by it. I don't think it is the greatest ice cream innovation but it did curb my ice cream craving.  I really want to try some other flavors and see how they compare. 

Food and Fitness Today:

Breakfast: I made a delicious omelet for breakfast this morning. I got a huge bag of Kale Greens from Walmart the other day for $2.88 which I thought was a pretty decent price. Zach and I are new to using Kale but already love it. I sauteed up a handful of Kale in some olive oil and then added onions. I let those cook for a bit before adding Fit and Active Liquid Egg Whites and a splash of the Fit and Active Egg Substitute. I also added some smoked ham and light feta cheese. It was delicious!!! I licked the plate clean. I also ate a banana. 

Lunch: After the gym I was starving and knew it would be a while before I ate dinner so I stopped into the market to grab something quick for lunch. I decided on a Chef Salad without the croutons,egg, or bacon. I pretty much just kept the turkey, ham, and a small cup of shredded cheese. I bought a bottom of Light Ceasar and topped it with that. I also bought a fresh fruit mix that had cantaloupe, strawberries, honeydew, pineapple, and watermelon which I ate in the car. 

Dinner: I had to pick Zach up dinner at Taco Bell and for the sake of not driving all over in the pouring rain I caved and got Taco Bell for myself. I went with 2 Chicken Fresca Soft Tacos

Snack: Arctic Zone Vanilla Maple Ice Cream and a Cream Cheese Brownie. (I know I know but Zach made them haha)! 


I did 50 minutes on the ABX trainer! 

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