Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Food and Fitness Journal November 13, 2013 And New Food Finds!! Thomas's English Muffins Review and Dole Dippers Review!!

Here I am again all bundled up with my fuzzy blanket and over sized sweatshirt. This will probably be my late night ritual from now until April when I thaw out. Today was my first time driving in the snow and all of the anxieties came back. I like looking at the snow and I really don't mind the cold but I can't stand driving in it. It makes me so stressed out. I am glad to sit down and relax for now.

Today was another successful day. I made it to the gym and at three healthy meals! Woo hoo. It's getting easier and easier day by day! I wake up feeling so much more energized and liberated. I am excited to get up and face the day and it is a great feeling.


Breakfast: Better Oats Mmm Muffins Oatmeal Cookie Oatmeal. Kahlua K Cup with Coffee Mate Eggnog Creamer.
 I love this brand of oatmeal a lot. There are so many varieties and I own about 5 different ones right now. One of my favorites in the raisin cookie one. It is the perfect mixture of sweet and hearty plus it has real raisins in it. What I like about Better Oats is that they add extra little things into the oatmeal so it is more than just oats. This flavor has flax but there is other ones that have Chia seeds, Quinoa, and real fruit chunks.

Lunch: Capicola sandwich with Hellman's light mayo, lettuce, and tomato on whole grain white bread.

Dinner: I made Zach and I a healthier version of his favorite meal. Chicken Parmesan!!! I dipped the chicken in almond milk and rolled it in a coating which was a mixture of whole wheat bread crumbs, italian seasoning, garlic powder, and pepper. Zach had ziti on the but I decided to make sauteed spinach for myself. I used garlic olive oil and onions. The meal was delicious and almost carb free.


Here are where some of my new favorite things come in. I spotted these Dole Dippers a couple weeks ago while I was at Walmart. I was going to buy them because they looked amazing but I already had the Artic Zero in my cart so I decided not too. I try not to buy more than one sweet/dessert thing as a time. Well these dippers have been daunting my mind ever since. I mean come on they are all of my favorite things in one...BANANA, CHOCOLATE, AND ALMONDS...Yummy! I had found a coupon for them so while grocery shopping tonight I picked them up. They are amazing....delicious!!! I ate two of them when they were frozen and they were great but when you let them thaw out a little bit they get even better. They are kind of gooey and melty and just so good. The dark chocolate gives you just the right amount of sweetness and the almonds give you a little crunch. It is like chunky monkey but not so bad for you. It is a great way to curb a sweet tooth. I think from now on though I am going to make them myself. With a couple bananas, dark chocolate chips, and chopped almonds you could do it fairly easily. I think that price wise it may be a little more expensive to make them yourself but that way you can cut out some of the extra unnecessary ingredients that the Dole ones contain. However, I know I won't always want to go through the trouble on making them so I will be buying these again!

Another wonderful thing that I have found recently are the new Limited Edition Thomas's English Muffins with Real Cranberries.
I found these bad boys at Walmart. I love that Thomas's is doing these limited edition flavors. I like having a little change in the variety from time to time. The pumpkin ones were great and these are pretty awesome too. They have a slight orange hint to me which pairs amazingly well with the cranberry. The cranberries are great too. They are a little sweet, a little tart, and gooey! I loved them. 


I was feeling rather ambitious today while at the gym and was on the arc trainer for a whole hour. 5 miles and lots of calories later I was feeling tired but amazing all at the same time. I really got a workout in today. I love days when my cardio isn't a chore and I just get in the zone and smash my miles. I listen to Slacker radio when I workout. I usually listen to a different station every time and today I found the BPM Workout station. It was awesome. All of the songs were upbeat and put me in a rhythm. I them did an upper body circuit which I found on Pinterest.
Upper Body Circuit Workout! 

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